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Where ideas become something more

Whether we're conjuring ideas from thin air to help a client with a tight deadline or merely adding polish to a well crafted project, we understand the nuances of creating content that fuses messaging and audience interests across various media formats.   



Connecting brands and audience interests

Brand Integration is much more than having a product or brand pop-up in a series or movie. Whether it's best to leverage existing IP or curate an integration package for your own IP, we can create the structure and targeted creative tie-ins to fit your audience.



Bringing ideas to life

From our inception in 2007 we have produced hundreds of media projects, covering a wide range of budgets, complexity and topics. From broadcast TV and Radio, corporate video, branded content, concerts and sporting events, to pilots and independent film. 

Having managed production directly or remotely throughout North America, Europe, Caribbean and Latin America we understand people and how to assemble great teams to deliver rich content. 


Elkhorn is a creative development and media production company working for agencies, or clients directly.


We can lead the creative charge and see it through to the end, or work seamlessly within a specific role to enhance your current project. 

Having worked on projects of all of shapes and sizes, in various capacities, we have the experience, the skill and the network to develop media content that resonates with your audience, while meeting timing and budget requirements. 

From Brand Integration with large feature films to social media campaigns, we have proudly served some of the most influential companies, organizations and brands around.